Puppyhood 101

Happy Fall! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer.

Despite my work having peaked these last few months I still made time to enjoy our fantastic summer. I managed to get over to Galiano for a few days, I watched my kids enjoying their classes at Crescent Beach Swim Club and even played a little tennis. But the highlight of the summer was our family’s new addition. I wrote this a few weeks ago but thought I’d share a little about our puppy Daisy in this addition of my Newsletter. Thankfully she now sleeps past 7am!

I am sitting in my backyard writing this blog at 6.04am. Yes, it is Sunday morning and yes, I had planned on sleeping in and starting work a little later today but that isn’t in the cards because my 12 week old puppy missed the notice that today was Sunday and that Sunday was a “sleep in” day! She decided to full on ‘puppy attack’ us with her sharp little teeth at 5.30am this morning. Knowing it was Colin or I that would have to take her I grabbed her and headed for downstairs and yes we were walking on the beach before 6am. She of course has now gone back to sleep, but I am afraid I am up for the day.

It’s been almost 3 years since are great old Weimaraner died and although I will admit it’s been nice to have one less logistic we decided it was time. After talking and researching breeds and reading about breeds and researching about breeds we have rolled the dice on a darling little mutt. She is Cavalier King Charles Crossed with a Miniature Australian Shepard. Besides the few early morning and a few spots on my carpet she’s been pretty good. The cat Bo is ecstatic to have a new friend and unlike the rest of us gets to play with her and isn’t required to do any of the clean-up.