Characteristics of a Good Time

For the last few weeks we have had a house guest. A very sweet respectful house guest. She is always happy to see us, very appreciative of attention and loves whatever I feed her. She is a 6 year old cocker spaniel named Ruby.
Sadly today we say good bye to our lovely house guest but I wanted to pass on a few things that make her such a “Good Time”.
1. Affection – Her’s knows no bounds. In fact one could say it’s relentless and reciprocation is expected.
2. Routines are non-negotiable. Is it her dinner time? walk time? Oh yea, she lets you know!
3. Her love of the outdoors is contagious. I have never spent so much time outdoors.
4. Adaptability – Don’t like cats, strange house, no problem she can make it work.
5. Enthusiasm – She looks forward to literally everything and she truly believes there is something good around every corner.
Speaking of Good Times, the market is hot! We are seeing house prices at an all time high and sales are up and continuing to grow. There are fewer townhomes on the market this year which could see some increase in demand in that section of the market!!
Happy Spring!